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Mipal export is a chielean family owned bussiness,  whit more than 200 HA of fruit production from the suppliers Asociated to the company.

Our facilities are located in Quillota and San Felipe, about 120 Kms North from Santiago.

Surrounded by exceptionalweather and conditions and higth quality fruit, Mipal Export take the very best of this land to supply the international fruit markets, Whit more than 10 years experiece,HACCP system and Global Gap certification in all of our plants, Mipal Export has update technology to process the best of its fruit.

Mipal Export guarantees availability of fruit throught the sseason for all our products, with excellent logistics and packing facilities from north to south, meeting increasing number needs.

We invite you to join us. You will find in us a strategic and reliable supplier, who give their best to meet your demands.

our commitment


In Mipal Export we have a plantation of more than 200 HA, in addition, we have producers from the area of San Felipe in northern Chile associated with our company which we accompany from the beginning of the process ; so we supervised the timely application of appropriate products and thus offer a product of the highest quality.

quality and packing

Our rigorous quality standards and the special care we have in packing our products have made our brand one of the most preferred brands in international markets.


Our experience in handling the logistics of our entire operation is reflected in the destination of our shipments, delivering fresh fruit and in optimal conditions for the most demanding markets.

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+56 33 231 8979
Av.Rafael Ariztia 525 ofice 5, Quillota, Chile